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I.D.E.A.L Personnel is most effective recruitment agency that provides a recruitment platform for employers and job seekers to facilitate the ideal match


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Jobs from I.D.E.A.L PERSONNEL CO.,LTD (Chinese HR Recruitment /柬埔寨中文人才招聘服务)
- be responsible for tracking of goods enroute to their destination ensuring any problems that may arise are resolved so as to avoid delays.
- negotiate rates with suppliers such as carriers, warehouse operators and insurance companies.
- Involving in the market trends analyzing.
- Exploring ways of improving existing products.
- Identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate.
- Preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets.
- Managing the production of promotional material.
- Presenting findings and suggestions to Marketing Manager or other managers.
- Joining in trends shows, conferences and sales meetings.

Recruitment is established with the aim of closing gaps between Employers and Job Seekers. In other words, we help employers by screening and selecting the right people to fulfill the vacancies and offer professional HR consultation in an effective ways. Moreover, we help Job Seekers by introducing them the vacancies and guiding them to the right jobs and to the right employers. We serve both locals and expatriates for all levels from junior to senior positions. Due to the expansion of our client’s business, we are now looking for qualified Cambodians to fill the following positions for and on behalf of our clients as new garment Factory

- Administer sales activities by process any relevant documents for customers,
- Operating the day-to-day sales operations,
- Perform and assist customer for products availabilities,
- Providing to customers about Borey Peng Huoth products,
- Greet customers with a customer service standard,
- Provide consultation to the customer,
- Customer orientation, and other assign tasks from direct manager.
- 综合管理经理 (1位)
- 综合管理主管 (3位)
- 综合管理助理 (5位)
- 政府事务专员 (2位)
- 公共关系专员 (2位)
- 法理事务专员 (2位)
- 办公室秘书 (3位)
- 人力资源经理 (1位)
- 人力资源主管 (2位)
- 人力资源专员 (6位)
- Maintain high standard of cleanliness. 
- Set up, arrange, and remove decorations, tables, chairs, and ladders to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and meeting.
- Manage cleaner, chef, and driver to ensure they are well performance.
- Translate Chinese to Khmer, Khmer to Chinese.
- Provide product information to customer
- Issue invoice and get payment from customer
- Have a worm welcome to a customers
- 2 days off per month
- Translate Khmer to Chinese, Chinese to Khmer
- Translate company documents
- Other tasks assigned by manager
- Posting transaction in the accounting system
- Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports
- Secures financial information by completing data base backups.
- Prepares payments by verifying documentation, and requesting disbursements
- Prepares financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends
- Prepare and declare Tax, work closely with General Tax Department .
- Interpret Chinese, English and Khmer
- Taking minute for meeting
- Assist director to complete task
- Communicate and follow up with the client.
- Go out with the Boss to translate
- Other work assign by the Boss.
* Scope of working:
Admin Supervisor will be responded in running Admin/Office Section,managing admins’staffs and leading general administration/office function.
* Duties & responsibilities:
- Set up Admin/Office policy
- Manage all functions of admin/office tasks such as
- General administration organizing
- General office management
- Transportation management
- Asset / inventor management
- Security and safety management
- Communicate with governor and public
- Office and building maintenance
- Fuel and utility control
1.Scope of working:
- Marketing Supervisor will be responded in running marketing team, managing.
-marketing staffsand leading marketing / promotion procession
2.Duties & responsibilities:
- Monitoring and analyzing market trends.
- Exploring ways of improving existing products.
- Identifying target markets and developingstrategies to communicate.
- Preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets.
- Managing the production of promotional material.
- Presenting findings and suggestions todirectors or other managers.
- Leading to trade shows, conferences andsales meetings.
- Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by
  compiling and analyzing account information.
- Documents financial transactions by entering account information.
- Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options.
- Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports.
- Prepares payments by verifying documentation, and requesting disbursements.
- Complies with federal, state, and local financial legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to
  requirements, and advising management on needed actions.
- Prepares special financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.
- Accomplishes the result by performing the duty.
- Communicate with governor and public.
- Office and Building maintenance.
- Fuel and utility control.
- To be responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet agreed company objectives.
- To evaluate customer research, market conditions, competitor data and implement marketing plan alterations as needed.
- To oversees all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities.
- To conduct market research in order to identify market requirements for current and future products.
- Prepare an annual sales and marketing strategy and budget, and continuously monitor and report on its achievements on a weekly,
  monthly and annual basic.
- Lead, Manage, develop and train the Sales Executives to optimist sales, offer an excellent service to client and develop a truly
  customer service/sale driven culture.
-Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business
-Researching and reporting on external opportunities
-Understanding current and potential customers
-Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management)
-Developing the marketing strategy and plan
-Management of the marketing mix
-Managing agencies
-Measuring success
-Managing budgets
-Ensuring timely delivery
-Writing copy
-Approving images
-Developing guidelines
-Making customer focused decisions
- To keep Task Requisition, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order
- Purchase Requisition for office
- To find supplier for quotations and summary for comparison
- To report pending issues to Supply Chain department
- Control, supervise, lead and manage the day-to-day business  operation
- Propose and initiate strategic and business plan for Board approval and implementation
- Propose the revision and updating of all relevant policies and procedures  to meet the requirement of the market,
  the competitive business environment
- Lead and manage the implementation of laws, regulations, instructions, and guidelines of the Government.
- Exercise delegations with regard to selection, nomination, termination, movement and transfer of human resources
- Report to BODs on a regular basis on critical issue such as financial and operational matters, the business and activities plan,
  and other matters as required
- Implement other tasks as may be assigned by BODs
They're communicators between management and production employees. This makes their role very crucial as good relations can boost firm's productivity.
Supervisors offer rewards and encouragement to workers for doing good job.
Plants that have workers unions, supervisors meet with union leaders to deal with issues concerning worker's interest. Strong conflict resolution skills do come handy in such situations.
Supervisors have the authority to terminate employment of workers who're found to be working against the code of conduct of factory or due to poor employee performance.
It is the supervisor who explains company's laws to workers.
Supervisors also ensures all workplace safety regulations are implemented.
Supervisors keep attendance sheet, record in and out timings and they also create work schedu
  • - Taking responsibility for the business performance of the restaurant.
  • - Analyzing and planning restaurant sales levels and profitability.
  • - Organizing marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes.
  • - Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food control and sales.
  • - Planning and coordinating menus.
  • - Responding to customer complaints.
  • - Organising and supervising the shifts of kitchen, waiting and cleaning staff.
- Good in Chinese, English is a plus.
- Prepare financial statement by following accounting regulation.
- Prepared payment by verifying documentation, and requesting disbursement.
- Bank reconciliation.
- Be able to use accounting software (quickbook and/or peachtree)
- Prepare financial reports.
- Other tasks assigned by manager.

- 懂中文

- 财相关科系毕业
- 熟识会计及应用(
- 撰写月度、季度、年度财务分析报告参与年度收入费用预算的编制和修订,参与年度预算执行情况的考核和控制
- 基础电脑文书处理作业(WORD EXCEL)
- Control and prepare daily registration payment.
- Prepare daily payment collection report and summary the report into monthly basis by the end of each month.
- Pay company bill by cash, vouchers, or cheque.
- Issue receipts, refund, credit, etc. 
- Prepare monthly tax declare: withholding Tax, Salary tax and Fringe Benefit, VAT, and Prepayment of Profit tax
- Monthly Tax accounting doc preparation: Each account ledger (include Inventory, Sale record, purchase record, salary record), Trial Balance, and financial statement)
- Yearly tax declaration: profit tax
- Yearly tax accounting Document preparation: each account ledger, Trial Balance and financial statement
- Ensure Tax compliance monthly and yearly
- set taxes procedure and train to all staff about tax requirement
- Develop company website.
- Follow up daily designing with manager.
- Update price and products of website.
- Create artwork of promotion, new products for facebook.
- Research Product & social
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