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BMG Holding is the leading company in retailing and wholesaling of baby care and mother care products, toys and schools.

Gaining experience from our baby outlet, called Babymart in 2005, BMG Corporation Co., Ltd was founded in early 2007 by Mr. Roy MG. It is incorporated to be an importer, a wholesaler and a distributor of baby care products, baby and kid toys and mother care products into Cambodian market. Since then, we become a sole distributor of Farlin Baby Care products for Cambodian market and we also import a few other baby products and mother care products from various countries; to name a few such as “Care” from Hong Kong and “Mothers en Vogue” (dresses for mother-to-be, pregnant, pre-pregnant or post-pregnant) from Singapore.

Farlin is a product from Taiwan by FARLING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, one of the world leading manufacturer and distributor of baby care products along with its agency around 80 worldwide. With our experienced, aggressive and innovative team, we can offer full range, first-class and high-end baby care and baby toy products in Cambodia’s market in a countrywide scale. To be part of our team or our clients or retail clients or even our premium suppliers, please do not hesitate to drop us a message (click here). Apart from our baby business, BMG also extend its activity to mother specialized shop, called Mothers En Vogue Showroom and to pre-school franchised from Singapore, called Cambridge Child Development Center, both in 2010. And we are welcome for any eventual cooperation with mutual interest.


Address 175A Mao Tse Toung Blvd Phnom Penh
Tel 855 23 228 222
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